Friday, August 15, 2014

Five Star Review: Crooked Lines | Holly Michael

First off, let me say... Please, Holly, don't let that be the end of their story!

Now then, Crooked Lines shares the stories of a broken teenage girl in America and a teenage boy in India destined for the Catholic priesthood. From the very beginning you get the sense that their stories are entangled. I like that each chapter parallels the life stages of Rebecca and Sagai.

I also appreciate that the players in this novel are relatable; they screw up and they make bad choices and they make good choices and they ask forgiveness and they move on with their lives and they love and they laugh and they cry. And, most importantly, they don't give up on their dreams; even when those dreams take years to discover!

I read a LOT of Christian fiction and I sometimes feel like the delivery of the gospel throughout is contrived. I am happy to say, Crooked Lines is not more of the same!

I give this book a hearty Five Stars and I can't wait to see how their story continues (*hopefully*)!

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