Friday, August 22, 2014

Five Star Review: Love by the Letter | Melissa Jagears

Love by the Letter is a novella by writer Melissa Jagears and, set in the late 1800's, is a fabulous yet atypical mail-order-bride story. I love that it wasn't chock full of the typical mail-order-bride bliss that we see in a lot of this type of story.

Dex has to overcome his embarrassment at being a poor reader & writer; and Rachel has to overcome her fears of being "too smart" for the one man she's ever loved. Their love story is endearing and Rachel's parents' interactions in it are cute & so relatable.

I must admit that novellas usually frustrate me because I always feel like they give you "just enough" to get you hooked and then just end without a resolution. Melissa Jagears does a fantastic job of holding my attention, giving me resolution, AND driving me to want to read more of what she has to offer!

I'm happy that my Kindle e-book edition included a sneak of A Bride for Keeps which promises more atypical mail-order-bride writing and I can't wait to purchase it & read more about how the lives of Rachel, Dex & their good friend Everett turn out!

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