Monday, August 25, 2014

Four Star Review: Runaway Heart | Teresa Slack

Teresa Slack delivers a classic love story, though poor Kyla Parrish doesn't know her own worth. This novel is a perfect demonstration of how we let the "sins of our fathers" hold us back from the wonderful things God wants for us, the things he has in store for us.

I wanted to shake Kyla and scream at her and say, "Don't you get it?! You can seek forgiveness for HER sins and be set free and live in God's Grace and in Will's life!" But, that is just how REAL the characters in this story are!

Four stars instead of five, only because some of the conversion story felt contrived and because Brandon's conniving annoyed me and I think the story line would have played itself out just as well if he had just been a neighborly guy.

Great job, Teresa! This was my first read of one of your novels and I can't wait for more!

*this is not an author-sponsored review*

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